Networking; Exchanging Ideas

By | January 8th, 2011|Articles|

To be honest, the word ‘networking’ is succinct, well recognised but vastly misunderstood. The mere word sends shivers down many peoples’ spines with thoughts of smoky rooms, old school ties and little black books. I would like, once and for all, to blow the lid off this myth! Networking is an essential and enjoyable business skill which should be given a very high priority. Networking is about the building of relationships where there is some mutual benefit to be had: At work we do that internally all the time don’t we? – I would argue that you could not be successful without building and maintaining such relationships, so we get good at it; very good. At home we meet new people and use social networking sites to keep in touch and exchange information. I think that we are a generation that enjoys the benefits that all these scenarios can bring – so why the dread of ‘business’ networking? […]