Our qualified coaches work with people throughout your organisation to enhance performance, tackle an underlying issue, address relationship problems, plan careers and settle into new roles. We are objective-led coaches so ensure goals are reached and progress is made. For more details see our coaching page.
We understand that businesses need to reorganise and sometimes lose headcount. Our outplacement services are all bespoke,tailored to meet the needs of your departing employees so that they are able to leave the organisation with the tools and confidence to be successful in the job market. Whether 1-1 career coaching or in group workshops we proudly treat everyone as an individual to ensure all parties benefit from the value of such a service.
Our Talent Management expertise helps organisations ensure that the right people are traveling through the business with the right skills, approach and motivation. Using a combination of coaching and development activities we have a track record of assisting your high potential employees to the next level.

We have very exciting views on career ownership and career management and how that plays out through an organisation. We have helped companies introduce more pragmatic and effective ways to address career discussions, encouraging a cultural shift from career expectation to 21st century role agility and flexibility. We can help you retain, engage and develop your employees through this innovative and performance enhancing channel.

The Career Gym understands recruitment; from both an employer and candidate perspective. We help businesses train their managers to hire the right person rather than just the best prepared, while focusing on their employer branding. From setting out a resourcing strategy to candidate management and 1-1 interview coaching for senior managers we can help you hire the talent your business needs.

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