• Has your career stalled?
  • Are you looking for promotion?
  • Have you lost focus in your career?
  • Are you searching for a new job?
  • Do you want a complete change of career?
  • Has your environment and/or role changed?
  • Are you settling into a new role?
  • Do you want to be more successful and happier in your current role?
  • Have you lost ‘the edge’ that has always driven your success?

At the Career Gym we fully understand that each person is individual with different needs and aspirations – that’s why we always start by helping you to get to know yourself better and recognise the direction in which you want to travel.

We are not governed by templates and process, this is about you and your own objectives – so we work with you in the most appropriate way to meet your goals. Personal choice will dictate whether sessions are on the telephone or face-to-face.

Through listening, challenging and questioning we support your journey but of course when requested we offer advice and guidance based on our wealth of experience. Career coaching to us is not a series of endless circular conversations; we believe in reaching objectives and helping you achieve tangible results. Our consultation time is energising and we hope enlightening, but also be prepared for some homework and a good degree of reflection between sessions. Coaching is usually best done face-to-face, but we often successfully work with our clients via Skype or on the telephone. Why not call and chat through your scenario? We can help your thinking.

In this competitive market you have to present a well written and relevant CV to stand any chance of being noticed. If you are not getting the responses you want from applications, this is a sure-fire sign that your CV needs some work.

Our CV writing expertise comes from our consultants being at the heart of the recruitment market for the last 15 years and fully understanding what format, content and styles appeal to the hiring managers.


Some companies will write your CV for you. Convenient, but a false economy. You get a polished document, but if you have not done the thinking behind the words so that the CV genuinely represents you (not the CV writing companies’ interpretation of you), then when it comes to the interview you may well trip up. As a recruiter I have seen this happen many times.


What we do differently and far more effectively with you is:

  • We’ll have a free telephone consultation to assess needs.
  • We will then spend an hour on the phone with you, discussing your strengths, achievements, career aspirations and most marketable commercial successes.
  • We’ll gently challenge you to consider the most appropriate content for the type of role you now want to apply for and then help, support and guide you through good format, wording and structure.
  • On receiving your revisions we will fully critique the document, then email it back to you with further suggestions, followed by a call if appropriate.


This comprehensive service will give you the skills to confidently write your own CV in the future and begin to set you up really well for future interviews, adding great value to your job searching efforts.

Are you nervous about going for an interview or do you feel you need to sharpen your interview skills? If so, then here’s a simple fact: Those who have prepared thoroughly for their interviews are the most confident and stand out from the crowd and unsurprisingly they are the ones that get their dream job. The recruitment market is as competitive now as it has ever been, so making a great lasting impression at interview is essential, but preparation is far more than just reading through your CV and doing some company research.


We work with you on your own particular interview challenges and help you to:

  • Effectively answer the two key questions: ‘What do you want?’ and ‘What do you offer?’
  • Successfully tackle both competency-based and classic questions
  • Describe your experiences and achievements in a compelling way
  • Articulate what you are looking for
  • Become more concise and precise in your delivery
  • Overcome your interview nerves
  • Sharpen your delivery as you haven’t had an interview for a long time.
  • Leave the interviewers with the best impression


All these traits are common, so as ex-recruiters we can help you understand how to overcome them and you will be at a huge advantage over the competition.

Many of our clients ask us to help them through a specific application and interview process. They are faced with a wonderful opportunity and need to be at their very best. In a consultative way we work through your particular need to help you get the result you want.This is The Career Gym support at its best!

    • We will respond urgently to your request and work at the pace you require, because we know how time is of the essence.
    • We will work through the job description with you, identifying the key areas for focus.
    • We help adapt your CV or application form to make it highly relevant and engaging for this role.
    • We prepare you for the interview in a way that suits you and with robust challenge and feedback.
    • We support you with preparation for presentations or assessment activities.
    • We help with salary negotiations and feedback.

Whether it’s helping with all, or just one of the above elements, we will tailor our support to your needs so you can excel on the day. We may even help you celebrate!

In line with much research we know that coaching plays a major part in driving enhanced business performance and as qualified coaches we respect your perspective on life and work with you to reach your goals. We work with CEOs and Board Directors as well as those aspiring to take on those positions, challenging and supporting personal growth which ensures the individual and/or corporate objectives are met.


Our coaching is focused however on agreeing and working to objectives rather than ineffectual rounds of cyclical conversations. We encourage courageous behaviour, self-recognition and strengths focus, through which many of our clients have taken large confident steps forward. We love working with people who are ‘in transition’. If you have just taken on a new and challenging role; are working through a period of change; or have taken on greater responsibility, we partner you through this journey, offering support, challenge and objective insight.


Whether starting from a position of tackling a personal issue or looking to further enhance performance or contribution, we work with Executives to overcome obstacles, recognise strengths, create options and drive solutions. Having broad commercial experience allows us a rapid understanding of the context and through asking the right thought provoking questions we facilitate you to reach their objectives quickly and efficiently.

We have a track record of working with individuals who have been identified as high potential within their company; coaching them through what it takes to make their greatest contribution. We also support students looking to break into the world of work. These are such exciting areas in which to work and as we capitalise on your greatest strengths and encourage high potential behaviours we see you thrive, flourish and succeed.
We help people integrate into their new role, making the right impression and planning for success in the first 90 days. Through skilful coaching we help you rapidly get up to a high level of performance at this critical time.

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