Some businesses seem optimistic, others more cautious, but I reckon it’s fair to say that all sectors will have something in common as they stride into 2016. To move forward at pace every organisation will need to be innovative and encourage really creative approaches to generate growth and success. Your challenge is to adopt creative ways of working and by your actions positively persuade the business to embrace clear and creative thinking and convert those into broader actions.


Inspired by this thought, I wanted to share what my friends at The Innovation Beehive have devised: The Must Bees of Innovation Culture have helped prestigious companies to drive innovation through culture.
So let us encourage you to get creative in 2016 by doing the following:

    • Bee clear about who you are
    • Bee clear who you want to hire
    • Bee in your customers’ shoes
    • Bee upfront about your culture
    • Bee structured
    • Bee rebellious


Innovate for corporate success and also start to think laterally about your own ambitions. So many of us work through the year on autopilot, not considering the benefits that external stimuli can give us. Let me suggest that 2016 should be the year to take a few minutes every day to look at things in a different way. Get interested in the How? Why? Who? When? and Where? Learn that inquisitiveness is the first step to creativity. Have an idea and act upon it. Be inspired! Get motivated! Challenge yourself to change.


At The Career Gym we are here to help you with some of that creative thinking to re-shape your career and re-discover new motivations. If you or your team could benefit from a fresh perspective to make 2016 a year to remember please do make contact.