We are all fully aware that retention and engagement are at the top of many business priority lists. We are also aware that with each new generation that enters the workplace, businesses have to manage different career expectations.

This climate, however, seems to make many managers nervous of discussing career development with their staff, feeling that if they do they may risk losing their star employees.

The research shows that openly discussing careers with staff is a hugely motivational and engaging factor rather than an attrition risk. Of those surveyed by the CIPD, 61% of employees wanted careers advice or discussions. Only 27% received it. If this need is not being met, it will ultimately put a strain on retention.

We promote working on the empowering principle of Career Ownership. In 2013 companies constantly have to change, diversify, be innovative and find new ways to win customers, just to keep trading in today’s market place. They also need to evolve to make themselves relevant for tomorrow’s market place. The same is the case for employees if they want any form of future job security. They must take ownership of their career and seek out new skills and experiences that will make them relevant and employable in the future.

94% of employees are keen to manage their own careers, but are uncertain how to do this within an organisation.

These two areas of career ownership and having effective internal career conversations are perfect bed partners. Companies that have developed their managers and staff to engage with the positive aspects of open career discussions have seen engagement, workforce clarity and confidence grow, thus making them fitter and leaner for tomorrow’s challenges.

At The Career Gym we are career experts and have worked with businesses to enhance retention and engagement through these methods. It is not an overnight change but a transformation that builds momentum through awareness, practice and confidence. We are there as the catalyst and the support through this transformation period.

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