I have been fascinated by courage for many years; firstly with an interest in those who have won the Victoria Cross and the leadership and personal attributes that those special men have displayed.

My interest then took me to looking at individual and corporate courage. Through my work with leaders and as a career coach and outplacement consultant, I realise that courage and confidence underpins so much of the success and talent that we see at work, so it is an absolutely essential competency.

I work with individuals and corporate clients, helping them find their courage and confidence to move forward. In this ever moving world you need courage to change and develop, so with The Career Gym’s “Six Acts of Courage” allow us to assist you in taking the bold steps to reach your own personal goals, or helping your business benefit from introducing and driving a courageous corporate culture.

“Heroes extract gold from the opportunities at hand, rather than waiting for golden opportunities to be handed to them.” Chris Lowney.

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