In line with much research we recognise that coaching plays a major part in driving enhanced business performance.

We work with CEO’s and Board Directors as well as those aspiring to take on those positions, to support and challenge personal growth that ensures the individual or corporate objectives are met.

Our coaching is ‘Performance Coaching’ as we believe in agreeing objectives and working towards them, rather than ineffectual rounds of cyclical conversations. We encourage courageous behaviour, self recognition and strengths focus, through which many of our clients have taken large confident steps forward.

We also focus on ‘Transition Coaching’. If you have just taken on a new and challenging role; are working through a period of change; or have taken on greater responsibility, we work with you through this period of transition, offering support, challenge and objective insight.

Executive Coaching

Whether starting from a position of tackling a personal issue or looking to further enhance performance or contribution, we work with Executives to overcome obstacles, recognise strengths, create options and drive solutions. Having broad commercial experience allows us a rapid understanding of the context and through asking the right thought provoking questions we facilitate individuals to reach their objectives quickly and efficiently.

Rising Stars

We have a track record of working with individuals who have been identified as ‘high potential’ within their company; coaching them through what it takes to make their greatest contribution. This is such an exciting area in which to work and as we capitalise on peoples’ greatest strengths and encourage high potential behaviours we see people thrive, flourish and succeed.

On-Boarding – First 90 Days

We help people integrate into their new role, making the right impression and planning for success in the first 90 days. Through skilful coaching our clients rapidly get up to a high level of performance at this critical time.

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