Are you nervous about going for an interview?

If so, then here’s a simple fact: Those who have prepared thoroughly for their interview come over as the most confident and stand out from the crowd – unsurprisingly they are the ones that get their dream job.

The recruitment market is as competitive now as it has ever been, so making a great impression at interview is essential, but preparation is far more than just reading through your CV and doing some company research.

Let us help you to:

  • Make the right first and lasting impression
  • Successfully answer both competency-based and ‘classic’ questions
  • Describe your experiences and achievements effectively
  • Articulate what you are looking for
  • Become more concise in your delivery
  • Overcome your interview nerves
  • Sharpen your delivery as you have not had an interview for a long time.

As highly experienced recruiters we can help you understand how to overcome your concerns and view interviews as the opportunity that they are. You will then have a huge advantage over the competition.

Our years of experience of interviewing candidates allows us to share what really works and what doesn’t. We will give you honest and constructive feedback which will accelerate you chances of landing that job!

Immediate Interview Preparation

Many of our clients ask us to help them through a specific application and interview process. They are faced with a wonderful opportunity and need to be at their very best. In a consultative way we work through your particular need to help you get the result you want.

This is The Career Gym support at its best!

  • We will respond urgently to your request and work at the pace you require, because we know how time is of the essence.
  • We will work through the job description with you, identifying the key areas for focus.
  • We help adapt your CV or application form to make it highly relevant and engaging for this role.
  • We prepare you for the interview in a way that suits you and with robust challenge and feedback.
  • We support you with preparation for presentations or assessment activities.
  • We help with salary negotiations and feedback.
  • We may even help you celebrate!

Whether it’s helping with all, or just one of the above elements, we will tailor our support to your needs so you can excel on the day.

The following costs are for telephone, Skype or face to face sessions, depending on location and availability.

1-hour refresher and fine tuning £100 +VAT
Focus on specific questions you are struggling with, or preparing for likely questions that may arise from a job description you have received.

2-hour in-depth awareness discussion and full interview preparation £199 +VAT
We will take you through a logical process of  self awareness and then focus on specific questions or common questions (ie “What are your greatest strengths?”) that come up in so many interviews. This may include a specific or general mock interview and feedback session, or going through a presentation you have had to prepare.

Ask us about special rates for students or those who are long-term unemployed.

Talk to us about how we have successfully helped people through their interview preparation and celebrated with them when they have been offered the role!

What Clients say…

“My interview technique changed dramatically after our training sessions, and my confidence received a big boost as I was able to choose from a few roles in March, which was a big relief after a year out of employment.”
R.R. Business Partner, Systems Management.

“Thanks Paul, as I said last week, you have made such a marked difference to my confidence, now letting me approach the whole interview process knowing that I can answer those questions with relative ease. Your focus on simplicity was inspiring and just made such perfect sense! I will surely recommend you to as many people as I can. Thanks again.”
D.W. Head of HR, Manufacturing

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